The Ford Escape remains the preferred compact SUV for families, ranking high in popularity among its category. Its roomy passenger and cargo area seal the deal, but the Escape has plenty of other convenience features to its credit. Here are two our Klein Ford Inc team members like especially.

Room to Stretch Out

The Ford Escape has best-in-class second-row legroom, letting passengers stretch out during quick trips in Winneconne, WI or extended journeys. On top of this, the second row's 60/40 split lets you fold down the whole row, two seats or just one seat to tweak seating layout for more cargo space.

Your Very Own Digital Cluster

The Escape's ahead-of-trend digital instrument cluster can be customized to your liking. You decide which components to position front and center, enhancing access to your dash and your dash's functionality. Plus, the digital cluster is a whopping 12.3 inches, guaranteeing user-friendliness via a layout that best suits your driving style and daily driving requirements.

Our dealership invites you to test drive the Ford Escape today. Play around with the digital instrument cluster and many other notable Ford Escape convenience features.

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