What does it take to be one of the most capable pickup trucks in the world? The Ford Super Duty has plenty of features to fit such an impressive status. Klein Ford Inc. welcomes auto shoppers who want to test drive the 250, 350 and 450 editions of this heavy-duty vehicle.

The 6.7 L diesel engine block gives the Super Duty enough strength to tow a trailer that's heavier than 30,000 pounds. You can add various accessories to maximize the vehicle's towing capabilities, especially for a gooseneck-type trailer. The TorqShift transmission system is tuned to work in tandem with the I-6 Power Stroke engine block. A 4x4 drive system comes with a strong axle that's also optimized to withstand heavy loading. Additionally, this powerful Ford truck transports a payload that exceeds 7,600 pounds. You may add the patented BoxLink for extra security and utility, particularly when transporting valuable items on busy highways.



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