The Flex is a popular choice among families who need a vehicle having a spacious interior that readily accommodates passengers and cargo. The newest models come with a number of standard and optional features that make the SUV more convenient. Explore the possibilities that the Flex offers by venturing to our Klein Ford Inc. destination. Indulge in a test drive.

Normally, the Flex has 43.2 cubic feet of space in the vehicle's rear. But, when needing extra cargo room, simply fold the second- and third-row seats flat and enjoy 83.2 cubic feet of space. To enjoy hands-free access to the rear of the Flex, add the power liftgate that automatically opens when approaching the rear of the SUV.

When the season changes, the weather turns cold and produces sleet or snow, the heated side-view mirrors contain heating mechanisms that ensure visibility. The addition of blind-spot mirrors keeps you safer. The mirrors also fold when needing to travel through narrow spaces.



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