Klein Ford, Inc. Offers the Best Value for Your Trade-In with the Kelley Blue Book Application

Are you looking to find the next replacement to cruise around the Winneconne, WI area in style? Or, do you need a bit more power and capability? Regardless of your choice, Klein Ford, Inc. is happy to provide you with an in-depth look at our new Ford inventory and find you something that makes you happy. But, what do you do with your current vehicle? We recommend using the Kelley Blue Book value trade-in tool and getting money back on your vehicle which you can use to help with the purchase of a new Ford model.

The Kelley Blue Book trade-in tool is a great way to asses the value of your current model's worth. The tool will walk you through the whole process by asking for information on what kind of car, truck or SUV that you're trading in. Next, it will ask that you determine the condition that your vehicle is in and note everything that might help to verify that fact. Once you have filled out all the relevant information, the Kelley Blue Book value trade-in tool will give you an amount that your car is valued at. Simply bring that number to our dealership where we will confirm the amount and ensure that you are getting the most worth out of your trade-in.

Klein Ford, Inc. is happy to walk you through the whole process. The Kelley Blue Book value trade-in process is designed to get you the most money for your current vehicle. Why not treat yourself with a new Ford vehicle and hit the road in a 2019 model!

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