The Right Tires Mean Better Driving

Decisions, each day presents a myriad of them that need to be made: from what to make for dinner to what to wear to work. When it comes to driving a vehicle, you will understand what sort of investment they are after owning one.

Vehicles need to be maintained to perform the proper way on the roads in Winneconne, WI. Part of doing this is to be able to find the right tires on your vehicle. Do you know the difference between all-season tires and winter tires? Take a quick refresher if need be.

All-season tires are great for their versatility and ability to perform throughout the entire season. They may not be able to get the greatest traction in extreme winter weather conditions but work relatively well in several circumstances. Winter tires are perfect for black ice, dangerously cold temperatures, blizzards, mountainous and snowy conditions and any other extremely unpredictable winter weather pattern that may impact roadways.

Visit us at Klein Ford to find out more about which tires may be best for you. We can certainly swap in winter tires for the season and re-mount all-season tires once spring rolls around.

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