The Abundant Technology in the Ford Ranger

As technology advances, the easier it is for manufacturers to put it into their vehicles. This is exactly what is happening with trucks. There are still models of trucks that are mostly used for work, but luxury models are becoming more and more common. One great example of a truck with a lot of technology features is the Ford Ranger.

The Ranger is a mid-size pickup that has been designed to keep the driver as connected as possible. No matter if you have to drive to the other end of Winneconne, WI or the other end of the state, the Ford Ranger will keep you connected and entertained. All of your media will come out of the premium Band and Olufsen sound system sounding better than ever. The Ranger also keeps you connected with Waze for navigation and Alexa for your personal assistant.

If you want to see more tech features on the Ford Ranger, you can visit Klein Ford. Here you can take one for a test drive and see how all of these system s work together to keep you connected.

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